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Ambassador Program

Orchid - tranquilityOf all the wonderful things we have learned in this process (journey) of building my skincare business, we have learned that the most valuable advertisement has been through the referrals of those we have had the opportunity to treat, whom we have shared stories and have had many laughs with, and who have been pleased by the services that we provide.

With the great appreciation we have towards each of you, we want to thank you in a way we feel best suits the wonderful words you are sharing about me to those you know. Because your referrals have truly grown our business beyond anything the media can offer, we would like to extend a free service to you. This offer is truly available towards any service or product that we provide including permanent makeup, injectables, skincare services and products, eyelash treatments and more.

When we opened the doors to Colorado Medical Spa, we began the Ambassador Program - 10% off each referral program. For each client who mentions you referred them, you receive a 10% discount towards any service of your choice.

In addition, we want you to know how grateful we are by giving you a free service in return. We have been and will continue to track these referrals for you and they will now accumulate. This means, that after 10 people have mentioned your name, you've earned 100% off!

Please know that we appreciate you and your business immensely. We have the best clients in the world and we are so thankful for you.

Thank you so much for your referrals, please call the office with any questions about the referral program, 303-842-4875.

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