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BOTOX treatment for lines and wrinklesFast results, younger looking now, and prevent future wrinkles!

This is what you’ve been looking for! BOTOX® is a fast and effective procedure that smooths lines and wrinkles to make you look younger, fresher and happier. When you try it, you will know!

Discover the proven results that 11 million women and men have experienced.

With real, noticeable results, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons why BOTOX® Cosmetic has been chosen by millions of women and their doctors.

To help you gauge your BOTOX® approach, here are approximate units per facial area:

Frown lines between your brows

12-20 units
Forehead creases 12-30 units
Instant brow lift 4-6 units
Crows feet lines around eyes 8-12 units

Would you like to get rid of the frown lines between your brows (sometimes called the 11), forehead creases or Crow’s feet” (the lines on the side of the eyes)? Dramatic results can be seen without surgery and without recovery time.

With this simple non-surgical treatment an improvement can be seen within days, lasting for up to 4 months. BOTOX® is not just for models and movie stars anymore!

Every time you smile, frown or squint, anything that strengthens the facial muscles, that concentration causes your skin to act like cardboard that has been bent back and forth over time, making a permanent crease. Botox is a perfect solution to these deep lines and creases as it paralyzes the muscles that create these lines. Even after the Botox has stopped working, you will continue to see the benefits of muscle atrophy because your muscles are not contracting, therefore not creating the lines and wrinkles.

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We use only Allergan certified products that include a hologram seal. Colorado Med Spa also uses the highest concentration of serum available (never diluted).

Colorado Medical Spa’s Nurse Practitioner, Toby Scheck, has received her Level 3 Advanced administration designation that includes non-surgical facelift certification and she has administered over 4,500 injections to date.

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Rave Reviews for BOTOX®

"Until I went to Colorado Medical Spa and had the Botox treatment people were telling me I looked tired and grouchy… even when I felt great and had gotten a full night sleep. After my services from Colorado Medical Spa, I love how I look and feel”.

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