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Spa frequently asked questions

How soon should I arrive before my appointment?
We suggest that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow you to get changed, get comfortable and relax, as well as fill out any necessary paperwork.

What should I wear?
The slippers robe and wraps are appropriate spa attire and will be available for your use. You will be provided with a safe place keep your belongings. Under your robe you can wear whatever makes you comfortable. During your treatments you will always be draped, your comfort is what is most important to us. For most treatments, you will be asked to remove your jewelry.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?
During facials your makeup will be removed. Because the treatments have little or no down time, you may want to bring your personal cosmetics to apply after the treatments. A moisturizer with an s.p.f. will be applied to you face after your treatment.

Is there any pre-treatment planning I need to do?
Yes, depending on the treatment you are having done, you will need to follow some guidelines. These guidelines will be given to you in writing at the time of your complimentary consultation with our specialist prior to your first treatment appointment. If you are unsure about any of the guidelines, please call the spa prior to your appointment.

What can I expect during my treatment?
Your clinician will begin by cleansing and analyzing your skin, then discussing with you the best options for you to reach your skin care goals. Please let her know if you have any concerns or skincare needs you would like her to focus on. An open conversation between you and your clinician will help us achieve the results you are looking for.

How do I choose the right treatments and products?
We offer complimentary consultations. Whether you are looking for a skin care regimen to use at home or have specific treatment questions, please feel free to book a complimentary consultation with our expert therapists and clinicians.

Can I use my cell phone in the spa?
We ask that you turn your cell phone off upon entering the spa and limit any conversations to the front desk area of the spa.

How does the tipping process work? What is normal?
Tipping is of course optional, but for a job well done, it is definitely appreciated. You will find envelopes in your treatment room.

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